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Cazadores de Sombras y la primavera

¡Holaaaa mis queridos Nephilim!

Cassandra Jean para celebrar que estamos en primavera, ha relacionado a cada personaje de cazadores de Sombras con una flor especifica. ¡Aqui os dejamos los preciosos dibujos que ha estado haciendo durante un tiempo!

The Mortal Instruments Cards

cassandraclare:I hope you guys have been enjoying The Lost Herondale! Cassandra Jean has been wonderfully kind enough to draw a flower card of poor Tobias. Pennyroyal: “Flee away.”


The Infernal Devices Cards


Hi I’m Hannah first things first I love your books! I have read each multiple times and can’t wait for TDA but my initial question is do you and Cassandra Jean know when you are going to put the tarot cards up for sale? Thanks! — smithhann
Hi Cassandra! First, I love your books … But my question is related tarot cards of shadowhunters. I wonder: if you want to sell them? If yes, when? Thank you! — giuliaherondaleangel
We’re putting them out through Topataco, they do merchandise for Homestuck and Welcome to Night Vale. Things this complicated take a while to print, but we’ve approved finishes, etc. and we’re hoping to have the cards up for sale before Christmas. In the meantime, have a Cassandra Jean Gabriel Lightwood flower card, because he looks foxy!


The Dark Artifices Cards

Floriography! Julian Blackthorn from The Dark Artifices with Auricula, associated with painting and art.
Julian does paint his heart - he paints what he loves. I’ve enjoyed writing about an active artist and Cassandra Jean has drawn him beautifully!


Cristina from The Dark Artifices, part of Cassandra Jean’s and my Flower Cards project. 
I don’t know why Cristina is drinking coffee. Usually I let Cassandra Jean put them in whatever poses she wants. :)
Cristina’s flower is a reference to her past.                                               
Cassandra Jean’s Floriography! Diana Wrayburn from the Dark Artifices (and you may well remember her from City of Heavenly Fire. She owned Diana’s Arrow in Idris, but she has moved to Los Angeles. She is a tutor to the Blackthorn children, but does not live in the Institute. She has her own life and her own secrets …
With Ivy, for endurance.


The Last Hours Cards

cassandraclare:Anna actually doesn’t keep secrets about herself. She keeps other people’s secrets. Tell her something, and she’ll never repeat it!I love Anna.

Anna, being sexier than all the boys. (shes so dang fun to draw)

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