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Welcome to my blog, TMI Fandom acounts from all arround the world.

Maybe you know me, maybe not. Just in case you don't know me, let me introduce myself. I am Gloria and I am the official administrator of The Mortal Instruments Spain Fandom Blog. 

Yesterday, 5th of March 2015, I saw on Twitter something that I didn't like that much and it was that people was asking to much to Cassie about information of the TMI TV Series. These questions came up when TMI Source announced some new exciting news and the fandom who weren't well informed of these news, went to ask Cassie about them and as we can see in these Tweets...

She got really upset and sad about this question. As fandom accounts, we know a little bit more than the fandom who follows us and we created these accounts to inform them about the saga and everything that has something to do with it. So the reason why I called you up today is just for that: TO INFORM.

I am Booktuber (people who uploads videos on Youtube talking about books and movies) and I had an idea that I found interesting and that could help to all the people who follow us to understand better the new things we know about the TMI TV series; it's just to let them know that Cassie is tired of being asked again and again about the series when, as we all know pretty well, she doesn't know anything. What I thought is to do a short 4 or 5 minute video explaining everything that we know by now of the TV Series and explain them why Cassie is tired of questions. I got really worried when I saw her answering the fans in that way, so I thought it could be a great idea to help here not only sharing news about her books, but also helping her to not be bothered by fans that are not well informed.

My dear friend @ItShadowhunters ( from Italy ) is going to participate in this campaign and if you want to, you can ask me anything you want by sending me an e-mail here:

or by message on Twitter: @tmi_tid_spain

If you want to do the video directly, what you should do is:

1- Record and edit the video.
2- Create a Youtube account with the name of your Fandom Account Name (mine is TMI Spain, for example).
3- Upload the video in your own language (I will record it in Spanish, if you are from England, record it in English or from Germany in German).
4- Share this with everyone as much as posible and if Cassie follows you (then you are really lucky because she doesn't follow me) send to her the video and the campaign.
If you finally participate, tweet the image from above and tag me!

I just ask you something: if you do this at the end, give me credits. I just ask you to do that.

What do you say? Will you join us? I hope so. Lots of hugs,

Gloria - Administrator of The Mortal Instruments Spain

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